Kim Davis’ Lawyer Falsely Claims California Bill To Ban Ex-Gay Conversion Would Ban The Bible

Kim Davis’ lawyer and found of the Liberty Counsel Mat Staver is falsely claiming that California bill AB 2943 — which bans discredited non-scientific ex-gay conversion therapy  — would ban the Bible.

Staver, who lives in Florida, also falsely claims in a press release that California bill AB 2943 “would punish people for their biblical beliefs about marriage, gender and human sexuality.”

The fact-checking website Snopes debunked this false claim:

Anthony Samson, a Sacramento attorney and policy advisor told us by email that the bill would prohibit conversion therapy “as a commercial service in exchange for monetary compensation,” adding: that “It does not apply to the sale of books or any other kind of goods, and it does not prevent anyone from speaking or writing on the subject of conversion therapy in any forum.”

Assemblyman Evan Low’s bill does not seek to outlaw all religious or moral instruction regarding sexuality and sexual orientation, nor would it ban the sale or possession of generic religious texts such as the Bible. Christian dogma might form the basis of efforts change a person’s sexual orientation, but the Bible itself is not a “gay conversion therapy” manual.

Also ignoring the facts are California Assemblyman Travis Allen and OAN host Liz Wheeler who parroted Stater’s false claims.

(Sources: Snopes, Liberty CounselLiberty Counsel/YouTube, Liz Wheeler/Twitter)

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