Kim Davis’ Christian Lawyer Slams Stores That Do Not Commercialize Christmas

The Liberty Counsel, a Christian law firm founded by Kim Davis’ attorney Mat Staffer, has released its yearly “Naughty and Nice List,” which praises stores commercialize Christmas, while scolding stores that do not.

The list claims that the “Naughty” stores that do not market Christmas enough, or at all, are supposedly “censoring Christmas.”

In addition to the list, Staver released a video urging his supporters help him save Christmas, which is actually not celebrated as a holiday in the Bible.

Staver complained in the video that those who are “anti-God, anti-Christmas are trying to ban nativity scenes from public property.”

In reality, some civil rights groups oppose specific religious celebrations on federal, state, and local government property because specific religious celebrations favor one religion over another.

Staver also lamented the lack of Christmas celebrations at public schools, which are also government property.

Jay Michaelson, a contributing editor at The Forward, called on Jewish families to shop at the stores deemed “Naughty” by the Liberty Counsel:

After all, if Liberty Counsel were really interested in liberty, they would reward businesses which honor all religions rather than elevate the majority religion over minority ones.

But religious freedom has never really been the goal of such organizations. Ultimately, they want to turn back the clock to a time when conservative Christian dogma was the basis for laws restricting the rights of women, LGBTQ people, and, yes, religious minorities.

The Liberty Counsel’s director, Mat Staver, admitted in an exchange with Congressman Jerrold Nadler that, in Staver’s America, a business owner could turn away not just women and gays, but Jews too. The exchange should send chills down your spine.

(Sources: Liberty CounselLiberty Counsel, Liberty Counsel/YouTube, The Forward)

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