Kids Dressed In Blackface In Fort Bragg Halloween Picture, Outrage Follows

A picture of two white children dressed in blackface to promote a “Spooktacular Halloween party” at Fort Bragg, North Carolina has stirred outrage. 

Genessa Bingham, whose dad is deployed overseas, found the picture posted on Fort Bragg’s Family and MWR Facebook page; the racially-charged posting encouraged people to get their costumes ready.

Bingham told WTVD:

I think it’s disgusting. This is what’s wrong with the country right now. People can just be as racist as they want. Then you’re supposed to laugh it off. You know, segregation wasn’t that long ago. My dad is African American.

Fort Bragg’s MWR Facebook page took the photo down, apologized and said the picture should not have been posted.

Tammi Bingham is not satisfied: “How can you expect us to want to support this installation and organization when you have no respect for our people?”

(Source: WTVD, Photo Credit: Fort Bragg’s Family and MWR/Facebook via Akilah Davis/Twitter)

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