Kentucky Taxpayers Pay $130,000 Settlement To Senior Beaten By State Police

Kentucky taxpayers paid out $130,000 to 67-year-old Lewis Lyttle who was beaten by state police troopers – including while he was handcuffed – on Aug. 1, 2016.

The Kentucky State Police claimed on January 10, 2018, that there was no settlement and “any documents related to a possible settlement is protected by attorney-client privilege,” reports WDRB.

However, that turned out not to be true.

The Kentucky State Treasurer issued a settlement check to Lyttle on Dec. 15, 2017, notes WDRB. Court records show that a lawsuit filed by Lyttle was settled on Oct. 30, 2017.

The troopers claimed in police reports and/or testified that Lyttle did not follow their demands, became combative and assaulted officers when they tried to arrest him outside the Harlan Appalachian Regional Hospital, reports WDRB.

However, two cellphone videos and 16 sworn statements by eyewitnesses proved the troopers were not telling the truth.

In one video, Lyttle was reportedly slapped by Sgt. Rob Farley while handcuffed.

In a second video, Lyttle was uncuffed and forced to stand up for about 30 seconds.

Farley reportedly grabbed Lyttle by his beard, kneed him in the stomach, pulled him to the ground and punched him while another officer kicked him.

The officers then handcuffed Lyttle, a second time, and arrested him.

The state police waited until February 2017 — eight months after the incident — to investigate the incident, and ruled in July 2017 that Farley used excessive force.

Farley was not fired.

Instead, the state police suspended Farley for four months and demoted him from sergeant to trooper.

The incident began when an unidentified person told the police that Lyttle was exposing himself in the hospital parking lot.

Felony charges against Lyttle were dropped by prosecutors in January 2017.

(Source: WDRB)

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