Kentucky Republicans, Christian Group Stop Bill That Would Prohibit Child Marriages

Kentucky Republicans and a Christian organization have blocked a “child bride” bill that would make 18 the legal age for marriage in the state.

Republicans stopped the bill in the state Senate Judiciary Committee because they do not want to infringe on parental rights to allow children to marry adults, notes the Courier-Journal.

One Republican state Senator was disgusted, Julie Raque Adams, who sponsored the bill:

SO disappointed! My SB 48 (outlaw child marriage) won’t be called for a vote. It is disgusting that lobbying organizations would embrace kids marrying adults. We see evidence of parents who are addicted, abusive, neglectful pushing their children into predatory arms. Appalling.

Eileen Recktenwald, the executive director of the Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs, added:

This is legalized rape of children. We cannot allow that to continue in Kentucky, and I cannot believe we are even debating this is the year 2018 in the United States.

The Family Foundation of Kentucky — a conservative Christian advocacy group — opposed the bill to ban child marriage because it supposedly “diminishes parental rights,” reports Insider Louisville.

Family Foundation of Kentucky spokesman Martin Cothran said: “We haven’t done much lobbying at all against this bill,” but “expressed our concerns to the chairman of the committee and asked for a week to work this out.”

While the Family Foundation of Kentucky supports the right to child marriages, the were outraged when the U.S. Supreme Court legalized adult same-sex marriage in 2015, reported WLEX.

The Family Foundation of Kentucky is partnered with the Family Policy Alliance, which is the political arm of Focus on the Family.

(Sources: Courier-Journal, Insider Louisville, WLEX, Family Policy Alliance, Photo Credit: Family Foundation of Kentucky)

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