Kentucky Republican Candidate Tweets Gun Threat At Democratic Congressman

Carl Nett, Republican candidate for Kentucky secretary of state, tweeted a threat on March 20 towards Democratic Rep. John Yarmuth of Kentucky.

Nett, a former contractor for the CIA and member of the U.S. Secret Service, was responding to Yarmuth who bragged on Twitter about his F rating from the  National Rifle Association (NRA), a lobbying group that accepts millions from gun makers.

Yarmuth asked his fellow lawmakers to join him in wearing a button with the NRA’s F rating until “the GOP finally stands up to the gun lobby and helps us pass common-sense gun safety legislation. Find me to get a pin.”

In response, Nett tweeted his gun threat, notes the Courier Journal:

A Yarmuth spokesman told the Courier Journal that the Capitol Police “have directed officers to be diligent in reporting all threats to members’ safety. They are aware of this situation.”

David Habich, a spokesman for FBI Louisville, added:

FBI Louisville is aware of the tweet and is working with our law enforcement partners to determine the best course of action. The FBI takes seriously all threats of violence.

Nett bravely deleted his tweet and bragged in a new tweet about his past as a Secret Service agent: “Friends, I protected Barack Obama, John Kerry, John Edwards, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton. I voted for none of them. I would have DIED for any of them. My oath is to the Constitution. ALL politicians should keep that oath, first and foremost.”

Nett refused to comment to the Courier Journal, which found another tweet by Nett in December 2016 that said he only protected former President Obama a few times “then bailed.”

“I’m not a bullet sponge for just anybody,” Nett tweeted at the time.


(Source: Courier Journal, Photo Credit: Carl Nett/Twitter)

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