Kentucky Police Kill Man Carrying Screwdriver

Police shot and killed a man who was carrying a screwdriver on April 8 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Police body camera video shows officers fatally shooting 45-year-old Russell T. Bowman, notes WDRB.

Officers Devin Dawes and Matthew Aden were responding to a report of an intoxicated and disorderly man at an abandoned house, according to Maj. Frank Hardison.

Officers chased Bowman through a neighborhood to a resident’s driveway where Bowman told the cops to shoot him.

The cops are heard on the video telling Bowman to drop the screwdriver several times. 

Hardison said that three officers fired their Tasers, but the electrical weapons did not bring down Bowman.

One of the officers told Bowman they did not want to hurt him, but moments later, Dawes and Aden executed Bowman when he tried to run away.

Bowman died at the scene; police claim Bowman lunged at them.

Chief Steve Conrad said the officers have been placed on administrative reassignment pending an investigation.

(Source: WDRB)

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