Kentucky Police Hold Man Down As Cop Hits His Face With Taser

Police officers in Louisville, Kentucky, were filmed holding a man down while another cop appeared to hit the man in the face with a Taser outside a bar on Nov. 4.

The man, Matthew Murphy, did not appear to be struggling with police, but did lift his head from the pavement, notes WDRB.

Murphy was charged with assaulting police, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct according to court records.

The police report claims that off-duty officers were flagged down because of a fight, and that Murphy attacked officers, “striking, kicking, squeezing” and “causing great alarm.”

The report claims that a police detective was “forced” to fight Murphy “in the middle of the street” because of his actions.

Murphy alleged grabbed the detective in the groin and “twisted, causing pain,” according to the police report.

(Source: WDRB)

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