Kentucky Nurse Fired After Attending US Capitol Riot, Claims She Stood Up For What Was Right

Lori Vinson says she was fired from her job as a nurse at Ascension St. Vincent in Evansville, Kentucky, from attending the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Despite the police presence banning people from the U.S. Capitol — because Congress was certifying the presidential election — Vinson told WEHT that she and her group were allowed to enter:

No sign that said do not enter. No resistance from the police, no anything. Walked inside the building, walked around for 30-45 minutes, walked out the back door, and then we left.

Vinson tried to justify her presence in the U.S. Capitol while Congress was certifying the election lawfully:

I believe in what our President stands for and the injustices that have been done. I feel like if I can take a stand on something that’s what I should do.

Vinson claimed she stood up for what was right, and was fired:

I’m not mad. I’m hurt that Ascension didn’t see my worth to them. But I’m not upset that I stood up for what I thought was right.

Ascension St. Vincent refused to comment on specific employee matters.

(Source: WEHT)

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