Kentucky House Republicans Pass Prayer Bill For Students Who Can Already Pray, But No Gun Safety Law

The Republican-controlled state House in Kentucky passed a bill by a vote of 83-5 on March 15 that would establish an annual day of prayer for students who already have the right to pray at any time.

Kentucky has yet to pass a new gun safety bill for schools.

Republican state Rep. Regina Huff, who sponsored House Bill 40, said the yearly prayer event has been proclaimed by Kentucky’s governor for the past two years, notes WTVG.

Huff’s bill would make the last Wednesday of September “A Day of Prayer for Kentucky’s Students” by law, and legally force the governor to issue a  proclamation.

Huff said students would be allowed to participate in the event at school, which is a legal right that students have had for decades:

Their event at school will be student-initiated and conducted, and always before the start of the school day.

Huff claimed students and others in her district came up with the idea of the bill, which accomplishes nothing:

[They] want to know that we are all united in this effort and that, on that particular day each year, we will be united with them.

Given all that our students are facing … Our students need to know that we are standing with them.

We all need to embrace this and be united in an effort of support in each individual’s manner of prayer for our schools, students and administrators.

Huff failed to prove that each individual has a “manner of prayer.”

(Source: WTVG, Regina Huff/Twitter)

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