Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin Tells Kids To Bring Bibles To Schools

Republican Governor Matt Bevin of Kentucky told children to bring their Bibles to school on Oct. 5 on behalf of Focus on the Family, a Christian group that supports President Donald Trump.

Focus on the Family created “Bring Your Bible To School Day,” but falsely claims that it is student-led. Focus on the Family lists instructions for kids on their website and on their microsite,

Bevin made the same false claim about the religious event being “student-led” in a video that he posted on his Facebook page:

This is a student-led initiative. It actually has been taking place for four years now. I think this is the fourth year. Last year, kids in 50 different states brought their Bible to school to celebrate not only some of the foundational principles of this nation, but the importance of this document.

Bevin, who said in 2016 that the election of Hillary Clinton might call for shedding blood of ‘tyrants’ and ‘patriots,’ then complained about the “division” in the country:

You look at all the division, and all the vitriol and all the animosity that’s striking us in this nation, how fragmented people are.

If we followed biblical principles like treating others as you would want to be treated, loving your neighbor like yourself, simple stuff. This is the kind of thing we should celebrate.

I love the idea that young people are bringing their bibles to school. I want to encourage every young person in Kentucky, on October the 5th, to bring their Bible to school. Use it as a point of conversation, in conversation with other students.

This is absolutely your right to do this. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Bevin then notes a link to Focus on there Family’s website and repeats the lie that the event is “student-led” when it is actually led by Focus on there Family.

The Friendly Atheist notes that Bevin stated a falsehood when he claimed that people are telling children they don’t have a right to bring their Bibles and also when he claims the “Golden Rule” began with the Bible:

“First of all, no one was ever telling students otherwise. That’s just Christian fear-mongering right there.”

“He also suggests that following biblical values would put a stop to our nation’s problems. Because all the animosity and vitriol is stirred up only by Jews, atheists, and Muslims… Being a decent person isn’t a uniquely Christian idea, and it certainly isn’t adopted by many Christians.”

“Bevin’s biggest lie, though, is the notion that the Golden Rule originated with the Bible. As if treating people the way we want to be treated was an idea that didn’t exist before Jesus came around. That’s just not true. Variations of the Golden Rule existed thousands of years before Jesus supposedly lived. The Bible’s authors, as they so often did, just co-opted other groups’ traditions for themselves.”

(Sources: Governor Matt Bevin/Facebook,, Focus on the Family, Right Wing Watch)

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