Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin Blames Mass Shootings On Zombies, Abortion

Republican Gov. Matt Bevin of Kentucky blamed mass shootings on imaginary zombies in TV shows and movies, as well as legal abortions during an interview with right wing radio host Leland Conway on Nov. 13, notes the Friendly Atheist:

It starts with everything from the kind of entertainment that we focus on. What is the most popular movie? I mean, seriously, what’s the most popular topic that seems to be in every cable television network, for example…?

Television shows are all about, what? Zombies! Seriously! I don’t get it. I really don’t understand that. I was never a big fan of space and science fiction, either, but now it’s all about zombies. That’s what we are. We celebrate death!…

When a culture is surrounded by, inundated by, rewards things that celebrate death, whether it’s zombies in television shows, whether it’s the number of abortions that we just indiscriminately think is just okay.

Tens of millions of people in recent years — that’s okay, that’s just who we are, it’s just for convenience. There’s a thousand justifications for why we do this…

These are drips, drips, drips on the stones of the psyche of young generations that are growing up in a society that increasingly says this is normal and okay, and eventually some of those young minds are not gonna be able to handle it, and this is what we’re seeing.

(Sources: Leland Conway Show via Spreaker, Friendly Atheist, Photo Credit:

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