Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Runs For Re-Election In Job She Refuses To Perform

Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis is running for re-election even though she refuses to do her job and certify same-sex marriages, per the law.

The Associated Press notes that Davis plans to file re-election papers for the position that pays her six figures despite her refusal of duties.

Davis is running against a gay man, David Ermold who works as an English professor at Pikeville University:

I think I could win. I don’t think that she has learned anything from the experience at all. I really, truly think that she feels like she is right. I really don’t think she cares at all about what civil rights are.

Ermold was one of several gay people who sued Davis in 2015 for refusing to marry same-sex couples.

Mat Staver, head of law firm Liberty Counsel, which represented Davis, said: “She loves her job and she loves the people. I’m sure [the election] will probably have more attention because of who she is, but you know she doesn’t have any major concerns about it.”

A federal judge ruled in July that Kentucky taxpayers will have to pay more than $220,000 in legal fees for some of the same-sex couples who sued Davis.

(Source: The Associated Press, Photo Credit: State of Kentucky)

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