Kentucky Church Kicks People Out For Not Attending

The Cave City Baptist Church in Kentucky is sending out letters to people informing them that they have been be kicked out for not attending. 

Senior Pastor Ryan Broers told WBKO that people who have not attended church have broken fellowship with God:

A lot of the people that the letters were sent to are not attending church anywhere, and this was kind of a wake-up call to them you’ve broken fellowship with God, you’ve broken fellowship with this church, you need to come back and repent and get your relationship with Him.

Broers failed to note any Bible verse to back up his action, but claimed the letters were sent to members who had not attended the church in, at least, the past year:

These are people that we haven’t heard from, they’ve received multiple letters inquiring about their membership.

Broers said the church will add anyone back who requests it:

If anyone wants to come back, they’re welcome to come back. There’s no hard feelings towards anyone that received the letter.

I preach the truth, and sometimes the truth hurts and steps on people’s toes.

(Source: WBKO)

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Comment (2)

  1. Folks were also kicked out for not giving money too. So if your poor and only enough to cover bills and feed yourself then like many other church’s now days your plum not welcomed in their church.

  2. This is absolutely a selfish and ungodly act Mr. Broers! You are not a true reverend and that church is NOT yours, it is Gods church!!! You are only wanting money and the power to CONTROL the church to your liking!!! Your an evil doer, not a Godly man!!
    You sent one of your pathetic letters to an 82 year old lady that is physically unable to attend church! YOU decided she was no longer a member because she could not fulfill her duties! So why don’t you just kick her while she is down instead of praying for her and uplifting her? Why don’t you man up and do what a Christian pastor would do and go visit her and have a sermon with her or maybe record a sermon and set it where she can listen to it and feel like she was there?
    Oh but she still wouldn’t be of value to you unless she can stuff your pockets with what you want most…MONEY!!!
    Sounds like you have turned God’s church into a cult!!
    You will be held accountable for your actions! There will be a judgement day for you too
    Mr. Broers and the other so called “reverend” that works with you. I pray the “members” that are left in that church will soon realize it is not Gods church and God would never act in this manner toward others.
    You are a disgrace!!!
    Teresa Dale


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