Kellyanne Conway Falsely Claims She Is ‘Forced’ To Talk About Hillary Clinton

Senior White House advisor Kellyanne Conway falsely claimed on Fox News that the White House is “forced” to talk about Hillary Clinton.

“Fox & Friends” asked Conway about the Russia/Trump dossier, and Conway chose out of her own free will to change the topic to Clinton:

I know people love to talk about how we’re so obsessed with Hillary Clinton here. The fact is we only have to talk about her because people won’t let go of an election that she lost miserably. And if she’s going to be an ungracious loser and people continue to talk about the 2016 election in light of the [Russian] dossier, in light of this ridiculous Russian collusion.

In reality, Clinton received more than 3 million votes than Trump. The Russia-Trump investigation began in the Spring of 2016 months before the election in November,ber 2016.

Undeterred by facts, Conway late chose to bring up Clinton again:

Things happen here every single day and yet people are still stuck in last year’s election, and about that woman who will never be president. I said last night, no one at the White House talks about Hillary Clinton — only when we’re forced to and only with the requisite eye roll.

(Source: Fox News via YouTube)

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