Kellyanne Conway Calls Trump ‘Commander Of Cheese’ In Wild Rant

White House advisor went Kellyanne Conway went on a wild rant in which she accidentally called President Donald Trump the ‘”commander of cheese” (more video below).

Conway went on a her rant during an interview on CNN in which she tried to justify Trump’s childish cancellation of the Philadelphia Eagles’ visit to the White House:

The problem with the President of the United States, and the commander of cheese — chief — expressing that opinion is what?

Conway also told CNN host John Berman that CNN’s ratings had gone down after he asked about Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders blatantly lying in August 2017 about Trump not dictating Trump Jr.’s letter in July 2017 when it was revealed Trump Jr. met with the Russians about Hillary Clinton in June 2016:

Respectfully, I don’t think this has helped CNN. Your ratings are way down because — I know I hit a nerve there, John, but let’s be fair — you like to say “lie” and “the president” and “Sarah [Huckabee Sanders]” in the same sentence. Excuse me, this is not benefiting you. You’re not getting new viewers who want to hear this junk and this funk.

Conway also tied herself in knots trying to blame the NFL for Trump’s infantile behavior.

(Sources; CNN via Tommy Christopher/Twitter, CNN via YouTube, CNN via YouTube)

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