Kellyanne Conway Bashes Husband George Conway On Fox Business

White House senior advisor Kellyanne Conway continued her attack in her dear husband George Conway by humiliating him on Fox Business:

My husband also has been very critical of the president publicly, which is unlike him, He’s traditionally been a very private person. In 2016, which was known as the year of the tweet, George Conway sent exactly zero tweets. So this is new. And what also is new is not supporting the agenda of the president and my work there.

Conway failed to mention that her husband has actually been attacking President Donald Trump for months, dating back to 2018.

Kellyanne thanked Trump “for defending her from “what he thinks is unfairness, I leave that up to him,” and continued on her criticism of George:

I was raised in a household of strong Italian Catholic women that taught me you air grievances like that in private, so it is very surprising to see it be so public.

(Source: Fox Business via YouTube)

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