Kansas Teacher To Student: ‘Don’t Give Me Your Ugly Black Girl Face’

A substitute teacher was removed from Richard Warren Middle School in Leavenworth, Kansas after making a racist comment to a female student.

The girl’s mother, Jameila, told WDAF how she learned of the incident:

I got a call from the principal, saying that he needed to tell me that there was a teacher that was removed from the school for using racial derogatory remarks with my daughter.

She looked at her and she said, “Don’t give me your ugly black girl face.”

She was humiliated by a staff member, someone that`s supposed to protect your kid when we as parents are not there.

A Leavenworth School District rep said the principal interviewed the student, took a report and removed the substitute teacher from the school within 20 minutes.

Jameila said it’s not the first racist incident that has happened within the district:

There’s been ongoing problems with the staff being bullies at the school.

Jameila recalled a Halloween party in which a student wore a costume resembling a white hood worn by the KKK:

I think we need to take a look at the leadership there and all of the staff and substitutes need to be retrained and learn how to talk to children and remain professional.

Jameila said she wants more diversity on the Leavenworth School District staff and a zero-tolerance policy for racism.

(Source: WDAF)

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