Kansas Students Chant At Gay Kids: ‘Make America Straight Again’

Some students at Olathe Northwest High School in Kansas threw candy at and jeered LGBT students who marched in the school’s homecoming parade on Sept. 21.

According to WDAF, the students who were harassed and heckled were part of the GSA Club at Olathe Northwest — the Gender and Sexuality Alliance.

The hecklers reportedly shouted:  “Make America straight again” and “Make Olathe Northwest straight again.” They also told the gay students to kill themselves.

Some of the students who yelled the anti-gay slogans were wearing  “Make America Great Again” hats used at Trump rallies.

Assistant School Superintendent Erin Dugan, Ph.D., said: “We didn’t see it, if we’d seen it, we would’ve stopped it immediately. Kids do a nice job of doing things when the adults aren’t watching. They know our expectations.”

(Source: WDAF)

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