Kansas Police Surround Innocent Man’s Home, He Opens Door, They Kill Him

Police killed an innocent man, Andrew Finch, in Wichita, Kansas, on Dec. 29 in an incident that many online gamers said was a “swatting” hoax (fake call to a police) gone wrong.


Deputy Wichita Police Chief Troy Livingston said there was a call that someone shot his father and was holding his mother, brother and sister hostage, notes The Wichita Eagle.


Livingston said police arrived at the scene and “got into position” for a hostage situation:

A male came to the front door. As he came to the front door, one of our officers discharged his weapon.

Livingston failed to say if Finch had a weapon, or what caused the officer to shoot Finch, who died at a local hospital.

More than a dozen gamers told The Wichita Eagle on Twitter that a feud between two “Call of Duty” online video game players led to a “swatting” call, which was made on the wrong address.

The person, who was supposed to be the target of the swatting, tweeted:

Someone tried to swat me and got an innocent man killed.

An unidentified man told the newspaper via email: 

Normally this is a prank, but due to the high stress situation, sometimes it is closer to a death threat from a user trying to get cops to kill them.


(Source: The Wichita Eagle)

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