Kansas Man Attacks Cop, Gets Shot By 2nd Cop Who Is Charged With Felony

The Lawrence Police Department in Kansas has released a police dashboard video that shows a man, Akira Lewis, cursing at Officer Ian McCann over a seatbelt ticket, throwing McCann down on the concrete, punching McCann and then being shot by Officer Brindley Blood on May 29, 2018.

Blood now faces an aggravated battery felony charge, even though she says she meant to draw her Taser instead of her gun,” reports the Lawrence Journal-World.

While cursing at McCann and accusing him racial profiling for several minutes, Lewis demanded to see a supervisor, but McCann refused.

McCann calmly told Lewis that he would be arrested if he did not simply cooperate with the seat belt citation, which brought a slew of profanity from Lewis.

McCann tried to place Lewis under arrest and remove him from the car. Lewis punched and wrestled with McCann, and threw him down on the street and punched him a second time.

That’s when Blood shouted: “Taser-Taser-Taser,” but fired her gun, and added: “Oh, sh*t, I shot him.”

(Source: Lawrence Journal-World)

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