Kansas Deputy Kills Unarmed Dad With Beanbag Round At Close Range

Steven Myers was fatally shot with a beanbag round at close range in October 2016 in Barber County, Kansas, but body cam video of the incident was not released by the Barber County Sheriff’s Office until December.

Undersheriff Virgil Brewer, who killed the unarmed dad by firing the beanbag from a shotgun into his chest, testified that he left his body camera in his car, but there is peripheral footage from other deputies, notes KSNW.

Brewer, who was hired in January 2016, claimed that he had not read all of the Sheriff’s Office policies despite being on the job for a year.

Michael Kuckleman, lawyer for the Barber family, provided The Wichita Eagle with the policy: “All officers will wear the issued ‘Body Cam’ video camera on the front of their uniform in a place that will afford the best view … to the area in front of the officer… The camera will be utilized when at all possible on all major incidents…”

Kuckelman said Myers was not armed and was obeying the deputies’ commands to come out of a shed when he was shot.

Sheriff’s officers were responding to a report that Myers was intoxicated, armed with a “long gun” and threatening people outside a bar.

(Sources: The Wichita Eagle, KSNW)

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