Julian Assange Evades Questions About Trump’s Friend Roger Stone

Julian Asaange became upset when he was asked by Democracy Now host Amy Goodman about Roger Stone’s claims to have a contact with WikiLeaks, Assange’s online organization.

Stone has been close friend of Trump’s for decades and has been a Republican dirty tricks operative going back to President Richard Nixon’s administration.

Assange bristled at the notion of Stone having an intermediary contact with WikiLeaks, and proceeded to attack Goodman for even asking:

That the United States’ political culture has gone mad. Roger Stone is trolling epically the Democratic political class in order to elevate his profile. And it’s sad to see that Democracy Now. is buying into it.

Goodman replied:

Presenting the news is not “buying into it.” Presenting the news is having you respond to what he’s saying because you are at the center of this in this particular case and it’s important to hear your voice.

Assange told Goodman that he was getting “annoyed,” and quickly changed the subject to Spain and Catalonia.

(Source: Democracy Now/YouTube)

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