Judge Rules For School That Uses Electric Shocks On Disabled Students, Parents Applaud

The Judge Rotenberg Center in Canton, Massachusetts, can continue its practice of shocking disabled students, thanks to a ruling by Bristol Probate and Family Court Judge Katherine Field.

Field claimed on June 20 that the state didn’t prove that shocking disabled students “does not conform to the accepted standard of care for treating individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” notes WCVB.

Field failed to mention one medical association that does support electrical shocking for treating disabled people.

The JRC Parents Group cheered the ruling at the school where 58 students were approved to receive electric shocks, which they called “aversive treatments”:

As parents, making the decision to use aversive treatments comes after all else has failed our children, there was comfort in hearing the court and all these experts say what we already know from seeing the way this treatment improved our children’s quality of life.

No one loves our children more than we do; we have tried and continue to try everything available to them. including positive behavior therapies and psychotropic medications to help our children, but as the Court found – there is no evidence that any alternative treatment would be effective to treat our children and keep them safe.

We hope this decision and uncovering the State’s subterfuge that took place to discredit the school and its good work will open a new chapter where public commentary will recognize the need and value of this critically important treatment for the survival of our children.

The Food and Drug Administration could on its 2016 proposal to ban the electric shock devices at the school. The FDA said it’s still reviewing comments on the proposed ban on the torture of children.

(Source: WCVB)

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