Judge Rules For Christian Baker Who Refused To Serve Same-Sex Couple

A California judge handed a temporary victory to Cathy Miller, a self-described Christian, who owns Tastries Bakery in Bakersfield, California.

Miller refused to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple based on her religious beliefs in August.

She explained her refusal to serve the gay couple at the time to KERO (video below):

Here at Tastries, we love everyone. My husband and I are Christians and we know that God created everyone and he created everyone equal. It’s not that we don’t like people of certain groups … there is just certain things that violate my conscience.

On Dec. 14, the judge denied a temporary restraining order filed against Miller, reports KERO.

The Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund, which represents Miller, stated in a press release that the temporary restraining order would have forced Miller to “create wedding cakes for LGBT persons even though doing so would violate her sincerely held religious beliefs,” reports KERO.

Evangelist Franklin Graham praised Miller’s anti-gay stance on Facebook, and wondered why Christians could not discriminate against customers in the public marketplace:

Why can’t Christians have the freedom to say “No” to what they want to say no to? The LGBT community continues to target Christians to try to get us to accept their lifestyle.

It ain’t gonna happen. God calls homosexuality sin—take it up with Him if you don’t like it. He is the one who defines sin, not me.

As a Christian of course I don’t hate gays, I love them and want them to know the truth. If they choose to live that lifestyle, they certainly have the freedom to do so in this country—but don’t tell me what I have to believe or participate in.

I appreciate the fact that Cathy Miller stood up for her beliefs. She’s the owner of Tastries Bakery in Bakersfield, CA, and she refused to go against her convictions and create a custom wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

There will be another hearing on February 2, so we need to pray for Cathy and for our religious freedoms to be upheld. The courts should never be able to force Christians to go against what the Word of God teaches.

As a matter of Biblical record, the Bible never mentions refusing to sell food to gay people.

Baker’s Outpost in Bakersfield made a free offer to those discriminated against by Tastries Bakery on the Tastries Bakery Facebook page:

For anyone who has been discriminated by this hateful business, I would like to make up for the inhumane treatment by offering you a free cake. We typically do not make cakes but will try our best to give you what you deserve. Please send me a private message with your contact info and tell me your story of discrimination. As someone who is proud to be from Bakersfield, I feel the need to do my best to combat this form of hatred. WWJD?

(Sources: Franklin Graham/FacebookKERO, KERO, Tastries Bakery, Bakersfield/Facebook)

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