Judge Orders Trump’s Spiritual Advisor Paula White To Pay $13K To Woman

A U.S. District Court ordered Pastor Paula White to pay $13,707 to Shirley Johnson for causing “emotional harm” by suing Johnson for copyright infringement after Johnson posted videos — criticizing White — on YouTube.

Johnson used clips from White’s New Destiny Christian Center and Paula White Ministries, so White sued her, notes The Christian Post.

However, “Fair Use” laws allow people to use portions of copyrighted content for news reporting and/or social commentary (including criticism).

White has a history of making controversial claims and money solicitations. In August 2017, White claimed that opposing Trump was “fighting against the hand of God,” reported The Independent.

White’s lawsuit against Johnson was dismissed, and Johnson filed a countersuit for “malicious prosecution,” notes TechDirt.com.

Johnson won her countersuit, and the judge ruled that White had to pay Johnson $1,207 in economic damages and $12,500 in noneconomic compensatory damages:

Johnson’s testimony about the mental anguish she suffered from the Copyright Infringement Action was credible. Specifically, Johnson testified about the lack of sleep, diminished enjoyment in various hobbies, and overall worry about the litigation and its consequences on her life…

Johnson, as an individual unfamiliar with the legal process, credibly suffered emotional harm from the Copyright Infringement Action. But as Johnson did not seek medical treatment and her symptoms have abated, the court finds a minimal award for these damages appropriate. Thus, the court awards Johnson $12,500.00 for these damages.

(Sources: The Christian Post, NewsweekTechDirt.com, The Independent, Photo Credit: Paula White/Twitter)

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