Judge Amy Coney Barrett Ruled Against a Pregnant Teen Repeatedly Raped in Jail by Prison Guard

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett was one of the three judges on a Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals panel who reversed a $6.7 million verdict against Milwaukee County in 2018 after a prison guard, Xavier Thicklen, was charged with repeatedly raping a pregnant 19-year-old inmate in the Milwaukee County Jail in 2013, noted the Wisconsin Justice Initiative.

Salon reports that a “jury awarded the woman $6.7 million in 2017, which was upheld by District Judge J.P. Stadmueller before the Seventh Circuit Court overturned the ruling in September 2018.”

Seventh Circuit Court Judges Barrett, Daniel Manion and Robert Gettleman unanimously ruled to reverse the ruling against the victim:

Conduct is not in the scope if it is different in kind from that authorized, far beyond the authorized time or space, or too little actuated by a purpose to serve the employer.

Even when viewing the evidence in the light most favorable to (the woman) and the verdict, we hold no reasonable jury could find the sexual assaults were in the scope of his (Thicklen’s) employment. The evidence negates the verdict.

(Sources: Wisconsin Justice Initiative, Salon)

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