John Oliver Reveals How ‘Crisis Pregnancy Centers’ Deceive Women

“Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver described how “crisis pregnancy centers,” which are run by anti-abortion conservative Christians, intentionally deceive women in order to talk them out of having abortions.

On his April 8 HBO show, Oliver noted that crisis pregnancy centers often try to masquerade as abortion clinics on the outside and also on their websites.

Oliver played audio of Abby Johnson, a Christian anti-abortion activist, describing how the deception works:

We want to appear neutral on the outside. The best call, the best client you ever get is one that thinks they are walking into an abortion clinic. Okay? Those are the best clients that could ever walk in your door or call your center, the ones that think you provide abortions.

Oliver also noted that many crisis pregnancy centers use the words “choice” or “choices” in their titles in an effort to sound as of they provide abortions.

One crisis pregnancy center, called by the show, refused to answer how much they charge for an abortion, but rather told the caller that she would have to come to the crisis pregnancy center to get an answer.

Oliver noted how crisis pregnancy centers will use the keyword “abortion” in their Google ads to trick women in to clicking on their websites.

Oliver reported that some crisis pregnancy centers take up residence near real abortion clinics, park mobile centers near clinics and give false information about abortions supposedly causing cancer and suicide.

(Source: LatsWeekTonight/YouTube)


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