Jogger Knocks Woman In Front Of Oncoming Bus

An unidentified male jogger knocked, or pushed, an unidentified female pedestrian in the way of an oncoming bus in London in May.

Police recently released surveillance video to the public in hopes of identifying and catching the jogger, notes

The video shows jogger running off course, bumping the woman and continuing on.

Fortunately, the bus driver was able to swerve and avoid hitting the woman. After the bus came to a stop, some of the passengers rushed to aid the woman who sustained minor injuries.

The jogger came back the same way about 15 minutes later, but he ignored the woman and kept running, according to police.

Police said the jogger is a white man in his 30s with brown eyes and short brown hair. The jogger was wearing a light grey t-shirt and dark blue shorts.

London police are calling for witnesses or anyone who recognizes the jogger to contact them.


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