Joel Osteen Impersonator Fools Joel Osteen Fans

Michael Klimkowski, who looks exactly like Houston megachurch pastor Joel Osteen, recently bluffed his way into a Joel Osteen event at the Forum in Los Angeles  

Klimkowski, a member of the “Dabs Den” sketch comedy troupe, got free parking and was able to enter the forum through Osteen’s entrance, notes the AV Club.

Klimkowski posed for pictures, and repeated, “Go Stros” to give him some Houston (Astros) credibility.

Eventually the security crew, who were fooled by Klimkowski, catch on to the ruse, so Klimkowski and his crew quickly head for the exit.

Olsteen’s security men drop the F-bomb and tell Klimkowski and his crew are going to jail for trying to breach the stage, which they did attempt to do.

Reggie Henke, who was with Klimkowski, told the AV Club that the “real police” thought it was funny. “Especially because Mike, our ‘Joel,’ never really dropped character and kept getting approached by ‘fans’ even as we were detained.”

(Source: AV Club)

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