Joe Biden Stumbles and Mumbles Through Final Debate Before Iowa Primary

Former Vice President Joe Biden stumbled and mumbled his way through the final debate, on Jan. 14, before the Iowa caucuses, notes Grabien News:

It’s a mistake to pull out the straw, small number of troops … It’s lie that our embassies were going to be bombed.

I would not meet without Kim absent preconditions.

If we don’t set the rules of the road by going out to our partners, instead of poking our eye — and, uh, excuse me, poking our finger in the eye of our friends…

The way to do that is to take Obamacare, reinstate, rebuild it. Provide a public option, allow Medicare for those folks who want it. And in fact, make sure that we in the process reduce the cost of, uh, of drug prices, reduce the cost of being able to buy into the subsidizes further, and make available, make it available to everyone. Here’s the deal, that costs will the of money.

The proposal I lay out does in fact limit drug costs. It sets up, it allows all the drug companies that — excuse me, it allows you to Medicare to negotiate with drug companies for the price.

We should be free universal, excuse me, free infant care.

(Sourcse: Grabien News, CNN)

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