Joe Arpaio Falsely Claims He Proved Obama’s Birth Certificate Was Fake, Supporters Cheer His Lie

Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio falsely claimed that he proved President Obama’s birth certificate was fake, which brought applause from his supporters at the Western Conservative Conference in Phoenix last week.

Arpaio, who is running for the U.S. Senate, promised to bring up the former president’s birth certificate after he is elected, notes Right Wing Watch:

I talked about another thing that made a little news. I don’t talk about it anymore, until I become the U.S. senator… but that’s something to do with a document. If I ask you guys, I’m a nothing now, but if I was still the sheriff I could ask for your birth certificate.

So I’m kind of dropping that right now, but I’m going to tell you something: 100 percent we proved that’s a fake document. One hundred.

(Sources: Right Wing WatchTru Conservative TV/YouTube)

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