Jerry Falwell Jr. Supports White Nationalist Steve Bannon

Jerry Falwell, Jr., the president of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, is calling for conservative Christian evangelicals to support white nationalist Steve Bannon and his goal to vote out moderate Republicans during primaries.

Falwell told Breitbart News, which is run by Bannon, about his support for the white nationalist and his scheme:

I knew when [Bannon] left the administration, he was doing it for a reason. A good reason. And now we all know what it was. He sees that for Trump to be successful, those guys got to go.

I’m so proud of him for going after them and leading the effort and Laura Ingraham is out there helping the effort too. She spoke here last week. Actually, she did her radio show live from Liberty.

He’s probably the only guy who could organize an effort to primary out these, I keep saying “Fake Republicans” because that’s what they are. They deceive their constituencies into believing they are something they’re not.

I think that’s the worst kind of politician. I have more respect for the Democrats than I do for those “Fake Republicans,” because at least the Democrats admit what they believe.

At least they tell their constituencies how they feel on the issues. These moderate “Fake Republicans”– they play the people. They mislead them. They pull the wool over their eyes. I just think that’s the worst type of deceit in politics.

Falwell also took credit for coining a new insult, and listed the Republicans he opposes:

I’ve coined the term “Fake Republicans.” There are four or five “Fake Republicans” in the Senate and many in the House. If they can be replaced in 2018—the political class needs to go.

If the people can go out and find candidates like Donald Trump who have been successful in the private sector and go out and primary those people—I’m talking about, I know it’s not going to happen in Maine, but I’m talking about people like Susan Collins, [Lindsey] Graham, [Jeff] Flake, [John] McCain, [Mitch] McConnell.

Even the ones that don’t—I heard somebody on the radio this morning, one of Mitch McConnell’s friends, bragging about how the Republicans have gone 95 percent with Trump’s agenda. Well, the five percent is always the one—the issues that matter.

Falwell called Trump the greatest president since Lincoln;

It’s always the issues that matter. They don’t always, the group of “Fake Republicans,” they don’t always vote against it. They just make sure enough of their buddies vote against it to kill it. It’s all done behind closed doors. They got to go. And I think if they go, Trump is going to be the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.

Falwell called for Christians to put their faith aside, and vote for Republicans who think like Trump:

They need to do the same thing in the Senate and House elections next year, and they need to not—they need to do what they did with Trump.

Don’t look at a candidate on whether he has the same religious background as you do. Don’t look at whether he or she fit to be the pastor of your church. Look at who’s going to vote right on the issues. Look at who’s actually succeeded in real life outside of the political world. That’s who they need to vote for.

It may not be the most conservative candidate. But it’s got to be somebody who’s not part of the establishment and has succeeded in real life. Look for somebody with common sense. Find that candidate and support them, and I think they can change the Congress. Then in the last few years of Trump’s presidency we can turn this country around.

Falwell praised Trump for the stock market, fighting the Islamic State and liberating Raqqa, Syria (which began under Obama) rolling back regulations (environments, safety) and enforcing immigration laws.

(Source: Breitbart News, Jerry Falwell Jr./Twitter)

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