Jared Kushner Explains His White House Qualifications: ‘I’m A Business Man’

White House advisor and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner was asked by CNN host Van Jones to explain his qualifications for his high level government position:

I think the first thing is the president trusts me. I think he knows that every task he’s given me … I’ve been able to do it effectively, I’ve been able to deliver results…

I think that he’s a business man and I’m a business man, and the way I look at it is it’s all about accomplishing the objectives…

The first thing is that I’ll reach out to people who have experience doing it. I’ll talk to alot of people. I’ll put together the different perspectives and I’ll come up with a plan of action to execute on.

Kushner has reportedly been in contact with the Saudi crown prince in an effort to shield the royal family from the murder of a Washington Post journalist.

(Source: CNN/Twitter, The Hill)


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