Iowa Voter Nails Sen. Chuck Grassley For Trying To Take Away Health Care

A voter recently called out Republican Chuck Grassey of Iowa at a town hall for voting multiple times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would take away her health insurance.

The voter also asked Grassley what his plan was to cover “those of us with pre-existing conditions” who “need life-guaranteeing medication,” but he failed to name any plans.

Grassley failed to explain his votes against health care, and growled at the woman that there was no chance of the ACA being repealed in the House in 2019: “So what are you worried about?”

The woman called out Grassley for his vote again: “You’re threatening my life.”

Grassley has also spread the conspiracy theory that the Affordable Care Act had “death panels,” which was not true.

(Source: Progress Iowa/YouTube)

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