Iowa Radio Announcer Says Hispanic High School Basketball Players Should ‘Go Back Where They Came From’

Orin Harris, a radio announcer for KIOW-FM in Forest City, Iowa, was recorded making racist remarks about some Hispanic high school basketball players on Nov. 28.

Facebook user Betty Jo Willard posted a recording of the comments, which she condemned:

This is absolutely appalling!! This is why our country is failing!! How dare them talk about our Eagle Grove kids like this!! Shame on them!! SHARE!!!

During a conversation with a station producer on a video feed — of the radio broadcast — from Forest City’s school’s website, Harris read off the Hispanic players’ names, noted KMIT.

Espanol people in Eagle Grove… I wonder why that is… Gradually work their way in again… They’re all foreigners… As Trump would say, go back where they came from.

KIOW radio announced on Dec. 4 that two of its employees had been fired:

KIOW Radio has a long history of promoting and supporting student athletes, coaches and schools. As a company, we take great pride in spotlighting the great efforts of our local citizens, schools and communities, and we will demand that all company employees adhere to this policy.

(Sources: KIMT, Betty Jo Willard/Facebook, Photo Credit: Orin Harris/Facebook)

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