Iowa Cops Harass Man Whom They Admit Is Legally Taking Photographs In Public

About a dozen police officers harassed Daniel Robbins in Des Moines, Iowa, because he was legally taking pictures of a public area where some unmarked police cars were parked on May 10.

On Robbins’ video and on police body cams, the officers are seen escalating the situation from one officer to an entire group of officers searching Robbins without a warrant; the police also confiscated his equipment.

Multiple courts have repeatedly ruled for the right of Americans to film police officers in public as long as they are not interfering with police work, reported The Atlantic and The Washington Post.

The incident began when Officer Brad Youngblut became upset that Robbins knew he was not violating the law with photography:

Oh, you’re one of those guys, aren’t you?

Robbins attempted to seek legal action against the police department, but U.S. District jJudge Charles Wolle ruled that Robbins’ legal activity was probable cause for cops to detain him, harass him, and confiscate his equipment, notes the Des Moines Register.

Robbins’ lawyer Gary Dickey declined to comment on Judge Wolle’s ruling because Robbins plans to appeal.

(Sources: Des Moines Register. The Atlantic, The Washington Post, Daniel Robbins via YouTube)

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