Iowa Cop Kills Mom In Front Of Her Son While Shooting At Family Dog, City Hid Video From Public For 4 Years

After over four years, the full police body cam video of Officer Jesse Hill fatally shooting Autumn Steele while firing at her dog on Jan. 6, 2015 in Burlington, Iowa, was finally released on Sept. 10.

Hill had been called to the scene because Steele was allegedly in violation of a no-contact order, and allegedly screamed and hit her husband.

Hill reportedly claimed the dog bit him before he pulled his gun out and accidentally shot Steele.

A prosecutor later determined that the police killing of the 34-year-old mom was justified, reported the Des Moines Register in May 2018.

The Iowa Department of Public Safety and the Burlington Police Department refused to release the full police video for years, and were charged with violating Iowa’s open records law.

A settlement was reached this week between the Steele family and the City of Burlington, which stood by the police shooting for four years until it hit the city in the pocketbook.

A judge ordered the full video released to the public, notes KWQC.

The Des Moines Register reported that the police video shows no dog bite, and that Hill fired his gun twice without warning after a growling dog was heard.

Dave O’Brien, an attorney who represents the Steele family, said the video shows that Hill’s police body camera is pointing at the sky because Hill had slipped on ice, and lost his gun in the snow.

The City of Burlington claimed in a statement posted on KBUR that it did not want the video released because doing so would have caused difficulty in getting people to testify in a criminal case.

The city also notes that the Des Moines County Attorney declined to file any criminal charges against Hill back in February 2015.

That means there was no criminal case and no reason to sit on the video after February 2015, which is exactly what the city did for over four years.

(Sources: Des Moines Register, KBUR, KWQC)

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