Instagram Model Found Guilty Of Beating Woman In Road Rage Attack

Instagram model Allaina Jones was found guilty of beating a woman in a violent road rage incident, but walked free after the criminal conviction in the Southport Magistrates Court in Australia.

Jones, who also goes by the name Allaina Vader, was given three months suspended sentence and ordered to pay $1000 to the woman she assaulted in Robina in May, notes

Jones’ vehicle swerved around another vehicle. The female driver got out of her car to confront Jones while they were stopped at a traffic light, which is when Jones threw the female driver to the ground.

Jones kicked and punched the female driver while a dashcam recorded the brutal assault.

Jones pleaded guilty to inflicting bodily harm, possessing drugs and drug utensils, obstructing police and non-abidance of traffic rules.

(Sources: Nine news Gold Coast/Twitter,, Photo Credit: Allaina Vader/Facebook)

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