Inspector General Of Intelligence Community And Trump Stonewall Questions About Whistleblower

The Inspector General of the Intelligence Community refused to hand over information about a whistleblower — to House Intelligence members — who reported President Donald Trump’s inappropriate “promise” to a foreign leader in a phone call, notes CNN.

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-California) said the Inspector General “is answering some questions not on the specific subject matter but it’s deeply troubling,” tweets NBC News’ Alex Moe.

Speier (pictured above) also said it was a “violation of the law” that the whistleblower complaint wasn’t sent to Congress by the Inspector General.

Speier said, “I think we’ve got a very grave situation on our hands.” “The standard that has to be met by the IG… urgent is talking about fire, as he referred to it,” tweeted Sam Brodey.

Trump called the accurate reports “fake news” on Twitter:

(Sources: Alex Moe/Twitter, Sam Brodey/Twitter, Donald J. Trump/Twitter, CNN, Photo Credit: The Skyline View/Flickr)

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