Innocent Black Man, Wrongly Arrested For DUI, Says Police Upset He Was ‘Over-Obeying’

Adam James was recently arrested by a Tulsa County Sheriff’s deputies in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for suspicion of driving under the influence on Sept. 30, 2017.

James was also charged with unsafe lane use and failure to carry proof of insurance. He was cited for expired tags (which he admits)

However, blood tests proved that James, an African-American, was innocent of the DUI.

The police report claims that James performed five tests, of which he failed four, notes Tulsa World.

James told Tulsa World that he struggled with a “karate kid” type stance that even the deputy couldn’t perform well. Otherwise, he said he passed the tests.

“When you think you’re going to die, we have to be calm and they don’t,” James recalled.

James said the deputies were frustrated because he was “over-obeying” by moving slowly, explaining what he was doing to try to protect himself from police abuse.

The prosecution dropped its case against James in December 2017, but James said he can’t forget the “surreal” feeling of being held in custody overnight.

“It left me feeling not an equal,” James recalled. “That I was not a citizen. That I don’t matter.”

Tulsa County Sheriff Vic Regalado said he cleared his own deputies because the deputies saw indicators of drug intoxication.

Regalado told Tulsa World:

There were no red flags. [Negative blood test results] is not uncommon for that to happen. And the reason why is when it does happen, it could be a variety of different things. It could include those tests only test for certain intoxicants; it doesn’t test for synthetic drugs, inhalants and things like that.

That’s not to suggest that this individual was under that; I’m just telling you that when law enforcement has had a negative test come back, there are reasons for it. And it can be sometimes from mistakes made during field sobriety testing, especially with untrained individuals.

District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler added:

We dismissed the case based upon the preliminary blood test results that came back from the laboratory testing. However, that drug screening test is not exhaustive.

There are many other potential substances that could be tested for, and we are evaluating whether we would like the state laboratory to conduct that further screening.

(Source: Tulsa World)

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