Innocent Black Doctor — Who Tests Homeless For Coronavirus — Is Handcuffed by Miami Cop Not Wearing Mask

Dr. Armen Henderson, an African-American doctor who volunteers to test homeless people for COVID-19, was handcuffed and detained by a police officer outside his home in Maimi, Florida on April 10.

Henderson, who is an internal medicine physician, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Miami, recalled the incident to Democracy Now:

So, I was pretty much just putting tents in my car, and I was loading other supplies into my van. And, you know, when I was doing that, I noticed that the police officer rode down the street at a cross-section of my block, one way, really slow, and then he came back around the street the other way and basically turned down my block…

Once he got out of the car, he asked me for ID, which I said I didn’t have. And, you know, I was trying my best to keep cool during the situation and remain steadfast in what I was doing, which was to be at downtown Miami delivering food and tents to homeless individuals that live downtown. And so, I pretty much went ahead and continued to do what I was going to do, because I didn’t know where this encounter was going. And then he just decided to put cuffs on me, basically.

Once he put cuffs on me, I called for my wife. She came out and pretty much deescalated the situation. But even before she came, he was like inches from my face, basically, yelling that I should call him sergeant, I should call him sir, and with no mask on. He had no gloves on. I could feel his saliva on my lips. It was just a crazy encounter.

(Source: Democracy Now)

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