Infectious Disease Expert Destroys Trump’s Dr. Scott Atlas: Herd Immunity Through Vaccinations, Not Mass Disease and Death

Dr. Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, told “Meet the Press” on Oct. 18 that herd immunity should be achieved through vaccinations (when the COVID-19 vaccine becomes available) not through mass infection — as reportedly endorsed by President Donald Trump’s cornavirus advisor Dr. Scott Atlas

Atlas — whose specialty is radiology — said that to achieve herd immunity there is the “likelihood that only 25 or 20 percent of people need the infection,” noted The New York Times.

Osterholm destroyed that notion:

First of all, that 20 percent number is the most amazing combination of pixie dust and pseudoscience I’ve ever seen. It’s 50 percent to 70 percent at minimum. This virus is going to keep looking for wood to burn for as long as it can. So our goal is to get as many people protected with vaccines.

Twitter removed an Oct. 17 tweet by Atlas which undermined mask wearing, reports CNN: ‘

Atlas wrote in a tweet posted Saturday, “Masks work? NO” followed by a series of misrepresentations about the science behind the effectiveness of masks in combating the pandemic. The tweet, which comes as coronavirus cases spike across the US, also linked to an article in the American Institute for Economic Research that argues against the effectiveness of masks, among other things. According to Twitter, the policy Atlas violated prohibits sharing false or misleading content related to Covid-19 that could lead to harm.

(Sources: CNN, The New York Times, NBC News/YouTube)

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