Indianapolis Cops Beat, Taser, Arrest Man For Having Epileptic Seizure

Newly-released surveillance video shows police beating, tasing and arresting a man, Chris Knox, for having an epileptic seizure inside a Speedway gas station in Indianapolis in March 2018 (raw video below).

Knox approached the service counter and collapsed to the floor, notes WTHR.

Responding to a call about a man having a seizure, Officer Maurice Norris observed Knox on the floor for about 30 seconds before trying to physically restrain him, which you are never supposed to do when someone is having a seizure.

Norris wrestled with Knox for two minutes, and then Officer Tiffany Christy tackled Knox, throwing him to the floor; Knox was reportedly beaten and tased by the police.

A customer filmed Christy shouting at Knox to stop resisting while both officers were on top of him; Knox was crying out in pain.

Chris’ father Darrell says his 32-year-old son has suffered epileptic seizures about once a month for 15 years:

He has violent seizures. When I say violent, I mean he flails his arms and his body. Me and my son, both of us, we can’t even hold him down. He’s just extra strong, if you will.

If this happens again, which I’m sure it’s going to, they need to be trained better. At least have one medical officer go in there instead of just an officer that decides they’re going to kick the crap out of my son.

Darrell says his son has no recollection of what happened to him, but Darrell wants an apology from the police department, which refused to issue a statement to WTHR.

(Sources: WTHR)

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