Indiana Family to Be Evicted For Having Too Many Children

A family Schererville, Indiana is scheduled to be evicted because they have too many people living in their rented home.

Deborah Rangel told WBBM that she and her husband have four children, which violates the maximum four-person occupancy of their condo (two sleeping in each room):

The police have never been here. I have done nothing, nothing wrong except for having two extra babies. They want me to find a place within a week or a month. I don’t know – I can’t find a job in middle of pandemic. I lost my job because of it. My husband’s you know, barely working. That’s my main concern is time – in the middle of a pandemic.

Rencon Property Management alerted the Rangels of their lease violation in August 2020. The Rangels signed a new lease in September, only to get an eviction notice in October.

Rencon Property Management refused to comment on the eviction.

(Source: WBBM)

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