Indiana Cops Charged With Battery After Beating Handcuffed Man

Two Elkhart, Indiana, police officers will be charged with battery for punching a handcuffed man in the face more than 10 times on Jan. 12.

The Elkhart Police Department finally released the video of the beating on Nov. 1, more than three weeks after The South Bend Tribune requested a copy, notes ProPublica.

Five months ago,  Officers Cory Newland and Joshua Titus received reprimands — instead of suspensions or terminations — for beating Mario Guerrero Ledesma.

Police Chief Ed Windbigler said in June that the officers used “a little more force than needed” with a suspect in custody, and “just went a little overboard when they took him to the ground.”

Windbigler failed to offer other details, such as the two officers brutally punching Ledesma while he was handcuffed.

During the beating, two other officers walked up and one said, “Stop.”

Ledesma pleaded guilty in July to charges of domestic battery and resisting law enforcement, and was sentenced to a year in jail, with 133 days suspended.

(Source: ProPublica)

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