Indiana Church Sign Tells Women: ‘Stop Sexual Harassment, Wear Clothes’

A sign posted outside the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Jeffersonville, Indiana, recently stated: “Stop Sexual Harassment. Wear Clothes.”

The community was outraged, and the sign was taken down by the church’s pastor, who would not comment.


Resident Allyson Condra told WLKY: “As a mom of two daughters, this infuriated me. As a female myself, this infuriated me. As a human being, this infuriated me.”

Resident Melissa Scully added: “This brought tears to my eyes, and, I’m sorry, but being a resident in this town of mine that I love, I don’t accept this and I do not see that anyone should accept this.”

Resident Madilyn Shipman said opined: “I mean, would you say that to a 6-year-old girl who has been assaulted when they wear overalls and pigtails.”


(Source: WLKY)

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