Indiana Church Claims God Answered 10,000 Prayers

The Brookville Road Community Church in New Palestine, Indiana, claims that God answered 10,000 prayers in 2017.

The church lobby has a bulletin board covered with colored cards that represent people getting what they wanted and calling it an answer prayer.

Pastor Kris Sorensen explained the non-scientific proof to WTHR:

It wasn’t just about, “Oh, I’m going to get an answer of yes and put the prayer card up, but I’m going to listen for what God says here.”

He may not answer yet. It may come later. So maybe an expansion in their faith and understanding that God’s inviting us into this personal relationship and it’s not just trying to get him to do things for me.

Sorensen claimed that the answered prayers included the disappearance of cancer and gainful employment:

We had people say, “My cancer is gone.” People got jobs when they’ve been praying for jobs, praying for years. We had people that had been praying for relationships to be restored for years and years finally be restored. All of those are miracles that we attribute to our heavenly Father.

Church member Karen Pieratt recalled how she got a free airplane ticket to her niece’s wedding in India from some friends, which she attributed to God:

Oh Lord, how wonderful and awesome you are. Words cannot begin to express how thankful I am right now. My ticket is fully paid for.

(Source: WTHR)

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