Illinois SeatGeek Stadium Installs Disinfecting Doorways — Will Not Stop COVID-19 — For Upcoming Hip-Hop Concert

SeatGeek Stadium in Bridgeview, Illinois (near Chicago) is installing disinfecting doorways for a concert by Mexican hip-hop stars Ovi and Natanael Cano on Sept. 12.

More than 5,500 fans could attend the show. SeetGeek Stadium says fans will have to assume all risks related to exposure to the deadly COVID-19 virus, reports WBBM.

Jason Gobeyn, CEO of Sigouros Systems Inc., explained how the disinfecting doorway system works:Immediately on the outside, there’s a temperature read.”

Dena Javaras, president of Sigouros Systems Inc., added: “It’s about a 6 to 8 second process as you’re turning, rotating.”

Dr. Emily Landon, chief epidemiologist at University of Chicago Medicine, said the disinfecting doorways cannot kill the coronavirus that is inside someone’s body:

I don’t know what it’s adding. While this may make you feel really good that somebody’s been bathed in a midst of alcohol, when you get past that mist, whatever’s coming out of their mouth, if it’s got COVID in it, is still coming out of their mouth with COVID in it. You have’t done anything to solve that problem.

(Source: WBBM)

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