Illinois Cop Followed 2 Black Men in Walmart Because They Wore Surgical Masks

A white police officer was filmed following two black men in a Walmart in Wood River, Illinois, reportedly because the men were wearing surgical masks to avoid the deadly coronavirus.

Jermon Best, who made the video and posted it on YouTube under the screen name Halo Dale, explained why he went public, notes The Telegraph:

I don’t know this guy personally. We just want to shine some light because this happens so often. I don’t know if he was having a bad day. I’ve never said that the guy was racist. All I’m saying is that his actions were suspect.

Best and the other man in the video, Diangelo Jackson, described the situation as “terrifying,” and said the officer told them there was a city ordinance prohibits people from wearing masks in businesses.

(Sources: The Telegraph, Halo Dale/YouTube)

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